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Wholesale FAQ (Updated 2017)

How long does it take to make my order?

- Typically orders take around 2 days to produce, but that time may vary depending on the size and urgency of the order

How much do your frames cost? 

- We offer wholesale pricing to our commercial clients. Please send us a request through our contact page and we will send you a price list. Due to the nature of our product, we always prefer to sit down for a 5 minute chat to explain the process in person. Once we narrow in on your needs the process is EXTREMELY simple to order. 

What is the difference between your Traditional Framed Print and your Wood Print?

- A picture says a thousand words: 

Wood Print

Traditional Framed Print

What should I spell for my art?

- Everyone has their own preference here. Depending on the style of art you choose (wood print or traditional matted) the options are limitless. Traditional prints are highly customizable. Our customers love to create their last names or words like LOVE, FAITH, FAMILY, HOPE, HOME, EAT, WELCOME, MUSIC, BEACH, ETC. However, due to the nature of the wood printing, we are only offering HOME, LIVE LAUGH LOVE, FAITH FAMILY FRIENDS and WELCOME at this time. 

How large is the finished art?

- For the traditional framed print, size can vary dramatically, as it is infinitely customizable. The wood prints however, measure as follows: WELCOME 6"x24", LIVE LAUGH LOVE 12"x12", HOME 9"x16", FAITH FAMILY FRIENDS 12"x12". 

Do I need to frame my art?

Black and Brown Frame Options

Black and Brown Frame Options

- The traditional matted prints need to be framed. We offer 2 framing options, brown and black. The wood prints can be dressed up with a frame or hung by themselves.

To keep the process simple, we have narrowed it down to two of our most popular black and brown frames. They are versatile and help the art "pop".