Prototype V 1.0 is complete!

Soooo, in a blog post from back in January we posted screen shots of a new product that we were designing. After finally completing our order for Cargill, we were able to focus our attention elsewhere, and completed this bad boy:

Here's how it works. For now, it is an in store only product, we don't have the tools necessary to order them online yet. 

You need to gather 60 photos from the event of your choice... this can be your child, your family, a recent vacation, your favorite food, etc. Let your imagination go wild. For example, if I loved going to Lake Michigan (which I do), I might pick all photos taken up around the lake and spell the word "BEACH". So, 60 photos... check!

Now you need to pick what you would like beneath the word. Using our BEACH example, I might add a quote like "I'd rather stay here and work instead of going to the beach, said no one ever.". Get creative.

Last, you have to pick your border color and a frame. That's it!

Price: $60 which includes choice of 3 different frames in the 10x20" size. 

To place your order, come in to the shop, thumb drive (with the photos) in hand. For questions email us at or call 937.919.5390.

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