Small Business Saturday

Here is a little post that I made to Facebook a few weeks back that I believe bears repeating: 

Attention people! The whole "shop local" campaign isn't simply a ploy by small businesses. It has a tangible affect on your community. For example, when you spend money at Life In Letters, chances are the folks here are also going to foster the same fondness for small businesses as you do. The worker bee's at Life in Letters then take your money down to Dot's market where they spend it on goods to help support all of their wonderful employees, who then spend their money at more local businesses, etc, etc, etc. Your money gets circulated throughout our community rather than being shipped out of town after a single step or two. Think (just a little) about how your spending habits affect your friends, family, and neighbors. Thanks :)

The idea of shopping locally is not some pipe dream ambition, many communities around our beautiful country do it quite successfully. Does it take a bit of discipline from you? Sure. Does it mean that you have to alter your entire life for it? Of course not. Simply attempt (when possible) to spend your hard earned money at locally owned businesses. Saturday November 20th is Small Business Saturday and it will be a great opportunity for you to not only help out local business owners, but to save quite a bit of coin as well! Everything except consignment is offered at at least 50% off. That means custom pieces too people! Off the wall pieces are 60-80% off. 

O yeah, and we will be offering free hot cocoa and cider. Stop in, warm up, and spend a few of those bucks with the little guy. Thanks a ton!